Hello, Developers !!

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Welcome to my daily blog. Today I’m so excited to start this journey. I recently decided that as a developer I should start a blog and share my programming skills and experiences with you guys. This blog is for all of them who are tech-newbies and passionate about programming and development.

So if you are a developer and want to learn new things every day, build something on your own. Then, feel free to join me. Here I provide my helpful tips and resources about web design and development.

About me

Hey, I’m Abhisek Paul from beautiful India. 3 years ago I decided to start learning about website design and development. Cause I was always fond of technology and how this internet works. That time I had been thinking that who made those applications, how’s this gonna work. From that day I always have a dream that I also want to make some application. That’s why I started my career as a Developer. I completed my full course at Arena Animation. After that, I build some cool application, some of are just for fun and some of as a portfolio projects.

I was working on an Accounting Firm ( LG & Associates ) as a Technical Evangelist. Working on an e-commerce project called ClientFilingIndia, feel free to check it out.

I also love you to build, learn and explore new things every day. Music Is my painkiller. You can also follow me on Twitter

Stay tuned for more updates 🚀

Happy Coding ✌️

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