FollowStats – keep track of your followers and subscribers and get weekly emails

Overview of My Submission

As part of the MongoDB Atlas + Dev hackathon, I am glad to present FollowStats.
FollowStats enables you to be more intentional about building an audience and helps you to track your followers, subscribers from various platforms periodically. It keeps a daily track of your followers and subscribers count. You can view your growth/ decline of your followers and subscribers in an organized dashboard.
It also sends you a weekly overview of your audience to your email every Monday morning at 09:00.

Live Application
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Submission Category: Action Star

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Additional Resources / Info

Screenshots and Video

User Dashboard

Settings Page

Settings Page

Weekly Email Report

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I have prepared a demo video which can be viewed here: Video Link

My experience

I had previously used MongoDB but was unaware of the cool functionalities like Realm functions, triggers etc.
I was really fascinated by how easy it is to build your backend using MongoDB Realm functions. We can easily import npm packages and use those too. I also used triggers for the first time to fetch followers’ count everyday and send email report every Monday.

Challenges faced

The major challenge was to figure out the way to fetch followers/ subscribers data from various platforms. I had to try many methods (like using official API, scraping etc.) before I arrived at a method that works.

What’s next for FollowStats?

  • Add more platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and newsletter platforms like Mailchimp, Convertkit, Buttondown etc.
  • Add charts and graphs to visualize followers’ growth.

Try it Out

Live Application
View Source Code
Please try this out and give your valuable feedback in the comments below or on Twitter.

Again thanks to @mongodb_staff and @thepracticaldev for this amazing opportunity!

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