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Career growth requires some assertiveness. If you think you’re prepared for increased responsibilities or more complex projects, let your manager know. For example, “I would like to gain experience with XYZ skill. Is there a way to incorporate this into my next assignment?”


Be humble, willing to do the projects requested by your organization. Be patient, knowing that even though you may feel ready for additional responsibility, your employer may want to see your track record over a period of time before adding to your plate. Every project can be an opportunity to learn something new and/or refine a skill.


Be positive. If you feel you’re ready for more responsibility but it’s not coming as quickly as you’d like, it’s easy to start grumbling. Don’t. Career growth comes more quickly to individuals with positive attitudes.


Finally, be aware that your performance speaks louder than words. Aim every day to deliver your best work. Building a reputation as dependable, thorough, creative and quality-focused will accelerate your career growth.



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